Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is what happens when Cami and I get excited

On Monday this week Cami and I planned an incredible double date for Tom and I and Her and Richard. We spent all afternoon getting ready for it and, with the help of her Dad we pulled of the most incredible date ever.

Her Dad made shrimp skewers and pasta salad. We ordered the guys' favorite pizzas. Ham an pineapple for Richard and chicken/bacon and white sauce for Tom. We used some nice looking plastic dishes that Cami had laying around.

After we got everything packed up and picked up the pizza, we picked up the boys and were on our way to a park in Logan for the picnic part of the date. We blindfolded the guys so that they wouldnt know where we were headed and what we were setting up.

After the picnic portion of the date we headed over to the zoo to see all the animals.

Most of the animals were different types of birds. Lots of ducks.

Cami saw a peacock and decided to chase it.

She wanted to scare it enought for it to open it's tail.

It didn't work very well though.

And she was eventually defeated.

Tom is looking at the turtle. The turtle that I didnt get to poke.

Fish/Duck food. It was fun to see them fight for it =)


The last part of the date was ice cream and cake and a movie at Richard's house.

All in all it was a pretty incredible night. Both Tom and Richard really had a great time which was always the main goal. If I ever have the chance to plan a date again, I'mnot sure how I will be able to top this one.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Having choices to make can break a heart.

Everything changes as some point in time or another. Time, seasons, weather. The colors of the trees. The foods we like, the foods we hate. We go through phases. Today I may like cottage cheese although 3 years ago I didnt.

Choosing where to get an education is a difficult desicion to make. There are an overwhelming amount of options in any given state, not to mention the rest of the world. How does one figure out how which to attend. Pros and cons list? Ya that might help. But like everything else in the world that changes, pros and cons change as well.