Friday, April 9, 2010

Interview Response

First of all the second I finished reading her answers a couple seconds ago, all I wanted to do was write. I wanted to skip right over this part and work on my story for my other class. I really do think that so much of my urge to be a writer as well as my raw talent (if I do say so myself) comes from my mom. But anyways on to the important things. I think it is interesting that she said so simply that ‘no’ a writer does not need an MFA to get published. Also that an MFA doesn’t necessarily mean a writer is more likely to get published. I like that it creates community though. I’m not sure exactly how to approach the essay now though. I have a view that says that an MFA is helpful to get published. I now know for sure that there are articles out there specifically about how MFA do not make a writer publishable. Now I just have to find them, as well as an article or two for the opposite point of view. What exactly is my essay supposed to be answering? I know that my position is going to be the a MFA is not necessary but I not sure how to argued my point or how to create a thesis from that.

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