Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hate is a Strong Word but I Really Really Don't Like Airport Bathrooms.

Top 7 Things I Dislike about Airport Bathrooms.

7) Water all over the sinks. Where are you supposed to put your purse and jacket?

6) The outrageous lines. Yes, we all have a flight to catch and no, none of us want to use the even more ridiculous airplane bathrooms (don't even get me started). Make bigger bathrooms!

5) Automatic sinks that turn off when your hands are still soapy...and then it takes five minutes to turn back on! (These are the same sinks as the ones at Walmart - which also suck)

4) Stalls to small for you and all your luggage. How am I supposed to get two suitcases, a backpack, a jacket and myself into one tiny stall!?

3) Automatically flushing toilets...that flush while you are still sitting there.

2) Little boys with bad aim.

1) "Squatters" with bad aim. At least little boys have an excuse.

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