Friday, May 28, 2010

Soaked to the Marrow of Our Bones

Yesterday was a blast. It sucks that i have no pictures of it.

I woke up at 12:25 (5 min before my alarm) to Chaiya calling to wake me up. Not s exciting until I hard the reason. It was time to go to the movies. Letters To Juliet was incredible. I really and truly love every part of it. Her fiance was an absolute jerk. Claire was such an adorable grama figure.

After the movie and a few tears we got to go eat at Sonic It's weird how I don't have much of an appetite these days. Kinda sucks since every time I eat I generally get nauseous. Anyways, at Sonic I had a stroke of brilliance. It as pretty warm out and I felt like washing cars. So why not turn it into doing something nice for someone?

We decided to get Dylan to bring us his Mom's van so w could wash it and surprise her. We got balloons and cookie dough and headed back home to get started. The cookies are the most amazing ever! The Nestle Toll House tub of cookie dough makes the best darned chocolate chip cookies I have ever had. We baked cookies and waited around for Dylan to bring the car.

Once he showed up we pulled out the hose and cleaning supplies and got started. I started of course by beginning the soakage of my car cleaning colleagues. After we first washed the soda soaked hood of Chaiya's car we decided to wash our hair. Wish shampoo. With the hose. All three of us. Awesome.

After we had washed the car and sufficiently soaked one another completely we decided we all wanted some toaster strudel. Naturally we didn't change first. Cuz, you know, who wouldn't want to walk into Walmart sopping wet and dripping. Only sane people would enjoy a lame "adventure" like that. But we three are true adventurers.

Low and behold we get to the story and as I'm getting out I hear "uhhhhh" coming from Dylan. He had forgotten to grab his shoes before we left. Smart one. Luckily Chaiya a.k.a. Wise One came to the rescue. Dylan used Chaiya's shoes since her pants were long enough that no one could tell she was barefoot.

And so, there we were. Soaked to the marrow of our bones. Chaiya barefoot. Oh the things we do in Walmart.

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